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Liz Shackleton | Screen Daily 2009-11-05
Finecut unveils second collaboration with Trapero

Korea¡¯s Finecut is co-producing and handling international sales on Argentinean director Pablo Trapero¡¯s new film, tentatively titled Carancho, marking their second collaboration following Lion¡¯s Den.

Trapero¡¯s own production house Matanza Cine is producing with Patagonik Film Group and Finecut. The three companies also worked together on Lion¡¯s Den which screened in competition at Cannes 2008.

The French distributor of Lion¡¯s Den, Ad Vitam, is also on board for Carancho as an investor through a deal brokered by Finecut, which is handling international sales excluding Latin America and French-speaking territories.

Written and directed by Trapero, the film is about an ambulance chaser, the lowest rank for a practising lawyer, who lurks around hospital emergency rooms looking for clients. His business prospers with the help of a young female doctor in the hospital. But both end up involved in the shady world of public health authorities, local gangs and police who all want a piece of the action.

The lawyer is played by Ricardo Darin, whose credits include Son Of The Bride, Nine Queens and The Secret In Their Eyes, which is Argentina¡¯s entry for next year¡¯s Oscars. The young doctor is played by Martina Gusman who also starred in Lion¡¯s Den.

¡°This film is a classic film noir, like those of the 40s and 50s, where the police plot quietly became a portrait of a complicated social fabric,¡± said Trapero.

The film is currently shooting in Buenos Aires and is scheduled for release in summer 2010.

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