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Park Soo-mee | The Hollywood Reporter 2009-10-06
'Chaw' sells to Australia's Madman

'A Brand New Life,' 'Iris' find buyers in Toronto's wake

SEOUL -- ¡°Chaw,¡± director Shin Jung-won¡¯s latest adventure black comedy, has found an Australian distributor, Madman Entertainment, at the Toronto International Film Festival, Seoul-based sales company Finecut announced Tuesday.

Finecut, which also signed with Optimum Releasing as the Korean film¡¯s distributor for U.K., has so far sold the film to 16 countries including Germany, Singapore and India.

Separately, ¡°A Brand New Life,¡± an ambitious debut film by French director Ounie Lecomte was also sold to Thailand¡¯s Sahamongkolfilm, France¡¯s Diaphana, Hong Kong¡¯s Edko Films and Cineart of the Benelux countries. Locally, Lecomte¡¯s film will be released on 80 screens later this month.

Also, the theater version of the blockbuster TV series ¡°Iris: The Movie¡± starring an attractive cast of Korean actors including Lee Byung-hun ("G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra") was sold to MFA+ Film Distribution for German Speaking Europe. ¡°My Dear Enemy¡± by helmer Lee Yoon-ki has been taken by Cineasie for Canada, and Na Hong-jin¡¯s debut feature ¡°The Chaser¡± sold to Calinos Entertainment for Turkey.

U.S. distributor Media Blaster acquired two horror flicks -- Yim Phil-sung¡¯s ¡°Hansel and Gretel¡± and Lee Jong-yong¡¯s ¡°A Blood Pledge¡± in Toronto.

For the upcoming market at the Pusan International Film Festival, Finecut also picked up an edgy thriller-black comedy ¡°Desire to Kill¡± (working title) by directors Owen Cho and Kim Sang-hwa. The film depicts the story of a man hospitalized in the same room with his wife¡¯s murderer.

The sales company also added an Argentinean title ¡°Anita,¡± the new picture by Markos Carnevale, about an innocent Down syndrome girl changing the people she meets. The film will premiere in Pusan.

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