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Patrick Frater | Variety 2008-02-19
Fine Cut aligns string of Berlin sales

Newly-launched Korean sales company Fine Cut completed a string of deals at Berlin on its Korean and int'l titles.
"The Chaser," an actioner by first-time helmer Na Hong-jin was licensed to Haut Et Court for France, Cineart for Belgium, Seven Group for Greece and Golden Scene for Hong Kong. Pic was released on 430 screens in Korea last week and notched up 670,000 admissions for a gross approaching $6 million in its opening weekend.
Dark fantasy "Hansel and Gretel" was licensed to Innoform Media for Singapore, A Film for Benelux and Seven for Greece. A Film also bought two more films in post-production; Siddiq Barmak's "Opium war" and Kim Taegyun's "Crossing."
Fine Cut was launched this month by Suh Young-joo, who quit as head of Cineclick Asia in December but continues to consult for her former stable (Variety, Feb 7, 2008.)
On behalf of Cineclick, Suh sold "Make it big," and "La Belle" to Taiwan¡¯s Waysen. Hong Kong helmer Pang Ho-cheung¡¯s "Exodus" was sold to Aztek Int¡¯l for Australia and "Fighter in the Wind" was sold to Barnhill Group for former-Soviet Union territories. Mega-hit, "The Host" was sold to its last remaining territory, Italy, to M.H.A.O. Production and Management. And Poland¡¯s May Fly bought Kim Ki-duk¡¯s library titles, "Crocodile" and "Samaritan Girl." India proved a hot territory. UTV bought 18 library titles including "Old Boy," "3-Iron," "A Tale of two Sisters," "Blue Swallow," "The bow" and "Lucky Miles." Alliance M&E bought nine art-house titles including "Tuya's Marriage," "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring" and "Oasis."

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