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Patrick Frater | The Hollywood Reporter 2009-05-13
Lee Byung-hun hops from 'G.I. Joe' to 'Iris'

CANNES -- Lee Byung-hun, who next appears in "G.I. Joe," has been tapped to headline "Iris: The Movie," a $20 million spy thriller that is set to be one of the biggest Korean movies of the year. International rights have been acquired by indie sales firm Fine Cut.

Lee, in Cannes last year with "The Good, The Bad, The Weird," plays a spy whose agency turns against him and who ends up as the love rival of his best friend.

Production is by Taewon Entertainment, which has set up the project as both a movie and a TV series. Directors are TV director Kim Kyu-tae and film director Yang Yun-ho ("Fighter in the Wind").

After kicking off in Japan, the project is now shooting in Korea and will wrap after further work in Hungary.

Lee also stars alongside Josh Hartnett in the forthcoming Franco-Asian picture "I Come With the Rain" and guest starred in Japanese hit "Hero."

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