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Mark Russell | Hollywood Reporter 2008-02-09
Suh launches distribution company

SEOUL -- Suh Youngjoo, founder of South Korea's premier international sales house, has launched Fine Cut, a new distribution outfit that will handle projects from Korea but focus primarily on international projects as a sales company, co-producer and co-financier.

Suh founded sales giant Cineclick Asia some seven years ago, but a merger with wide-ranging entertainment company Fantom Entertainment in early 2007 left him feeling somewhat limited.

"After the merger last year, I've experienced how independence and flexibility are crucial to expanding a business and effectively keeping pace with the fast changing trends in the film business," Suh said Wednesday. "Although the merger was made in good faith, the situation of a listed company in Korea does limit the possibilities for my goals."

Fine Cut, which was established in January, already has secured more than 17 new and upcoming titles for its lineup including "Iri" by Zhang Lu of China, "Lion's Den" by Pablo Trapero of Argentina and "Room of Dreams" by Japan's Sion Sono.

"I am aiming to discover a new chance in working with various directors, producers and industry people from all over the world," Suh said. "It was the driving power for Cineclick Asia for the past seven years, and I want to regain my original motivation."

Fine Cut also will work with Korean directors, including Lee Yoon-ki's latest, "My Dear Enemy," which stars Cannes' best actress Jeon Do-yeon; up-and-coming helmer Na Hong-jin's "The Chaser"; and Kim Tae-kyun's "Crossing," a drama set on the North-South Korean border.

Suh said that Fine Cut will continue to support Cineclick Asia titles, such as Siddiq Barmak's "Opium War," and that negotiations with Fantom over the future of Cineclick Asia are ongoing.

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