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Patrick Frater | Variety 2014-02-07
Berlin: Finecut Adds ¡®Night Flight¡¯, Sells ¡®Sea Fog¡¯

BERLIN – Leading Asian sales agent Finecut has picked up international rights to ¡°Night Flight,¡± the gay-themed drama that premieres this week in Berlin¡¯s Panorama section.
The company also arrives at the European Film market having recently scored significant pre-sales on its upcoming slate of pictures produced by celebrated directors Bong Joon Ho and Kim Ki-duk.
Directed by LeeSong He-il, ¡°Night Flight¡± pitches a young gay man drifting around Seoul and on the way discovers a society creaking under cutthroat competition for college exams, a lack of human rights education and discrimination against minorities.
LeeSong was last year in Panorama with another gay drama ¡°White Night¡± and before that in Berlin with ¡°No Regret.¡±
Finecut pre-sold upcoming thriller ¡°Sea Fog¡± (aka ¡°Haemoo¡±) to Japan¡¯s Twin Company and to France¡¯s Wild Side Films. The $10 million film is the directorial debut of Shim Sung-bo and is executive produced by Bong Joon H, director of ¡°The Host¡± and last year¡¯s hit ¡°Snowpiercer.¡± It stars Park Yu-chun, a member of the popular K-pop group JYJ, and the acclaimed Korean actor Kim Yoon-seok (¡°The Chaser¡±.) The film is currently in post-production with scheduled completion in May. It will be released in late summer in Korea through Next Entertainment World and in early 2015 in Japan by Twin.
Japan¡¯s The Klockworx and Malaysia¡¯s Hwa Yea Multimedia pre-bought Finecut¡¯s action thriller ¡°Rough Play¡± which is directed by Shin Yeon-shick and written and produced by Kim Ki-duk.
Finecut also sold another Kim Ki-duk-produced film ¡°Red Family¡± to Japan¡¯s Gaga Corporation. The film previously screened in Japan and was the audience prize-winner at last year¡¯s Tokyo International Film Festival.
The company¡¯s EFM slate also includes ¡°Han Gong-Ju,¡± the drama that last week shared the top prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival, and ¡°Manshin,¡± the fantasy documentary by Park Chan-kyong (brother of Park Chan-wook and director of iPhone film ¡°Night Fishing¡±.)ENDS

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