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Pat Saperstein | Variety 2014-02-01
Rotterdam Tiger Awards Go to Trio of Films; ¡®Nebraska¡¯ Wins Audience Prize

A trio of films shared the Rotterdam Film Festival¡¯s Tiger Award for first or second films. Japan¡¯s ¡°Anatomy of a Paper Clip¡± (pictured), South Korea¡¯s ¡°Han Gong-Ju¡± and Sweden¡¯s ¡°Something Must Break.¡± Prizes were awarded Friday; the Dutch fest wraps on Sunday.
The audience award winner was Alexander Payne¡¯s ¡°Nebraska.¡±
Inspired by Japanese folk tales, Ikeda Akira¡¯s sophomore outing ¡°Anatomy of a Paper Clip,¡± the director¡¯s first film in eight years, turns on a man who frees a butterfly, then encounters a woman in his apartment speaking in a strange language.
Portraying an androgynous boy who dreams of being a girl, Ester Martin Bergsmark¡¯s ¡°Something Must Break¡± adapts a novel by transgender artist and activist Eli Leven. It also plays at the concurrent Goteborg Festival.
South Korean Lee Su-jin¡¯s ¡°Han Gong-Ju,¡± a prize-winner at Busan, won Marrakech¡¯s top Golden Star, awarded by a Martin Scorsese-presided jury. Lee¡¯s debut, the psychological drama focuses on a teenage girl who changes schools after a traumatic experience.
The Big Screen award, which supports the publicity cost to distribute a film in Holland, went to Russia¡¯ ¡°Another Year.¡± The Netpac award for best Asian film went to Sri Lanka¡¯s ¡°28.¡±
Thailand¡¯s ¡°The Songs of Rice¡± won the Fipresci international critics award, while the circle of Dutch film critics prize went to ¡°To Kill a Man¡± from Chile and France, which won Sundance¡¯s World Cinema Grand Jury Prize in the dramatic category. The MovieZone award, selected by young festgoers, went to ¡°Jacky in the Kingdom of Women¡± from France.

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