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Liz Shackleton | SCREENDAILY 2013-05-17
Finecut spreads Miracle

EXCLUSIVE: Korea¡¯s Finecut has sealed a slew of deals on hit drama Miracle In Cell No 7 to a slew of territories including a sales to Magnum Films for Australia/NZ and China¡¯s Le Vision Pictures.
The film has also sold to Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei (Purple Plan), Indonesia (PT Amero), Mongolia (Taewangsangsa) and Philippines (Telesuccess). Released in February, the film has racked up 12.8 million admissions in Korea making it the third most viewed Korean film of all time.
Meanwhile, Hwa Yea Multimedia has acquired several titles from Finecut for Malaysia and Brunei, including romcom Love 911, starring Ko Soo and Han Hyo-joo; action adventure The Grand Heist; horror comedy Ghost Sweepers; award-winning drama Juvenile Offender, and hit noir thriller New World.
Love 911 also went to the Philippines (Telesuccess); The Grand Heist to China (Blue Media Times), Juvenile Offender to Poland (Canal+ Cyfrowy S.A.); and New World to Taiwan (Encore Film).

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