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Screendaily 2013-02-08
Finecut sells Hong's Daughter to France, Brazil

Korea¡¯s Finecut has sold Hong Sangsoo¡¯s Berlin competition title Nobody¡¯s Daughter Haewon to France¡¯s Les Acacias and California Filmes for Brazil.
The Seoul-based sales outfit has also sold Kim Ki-duk¡¯s Pieta to NonStop Entertainment (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland), California Filmes (Brazil and Latin pay-TV), Distribucion de Pelicula Zatmeni (Mexico), Mongrel Media (Canada), Contact Film (Benelux), Aurora Films (Poland), Lev Cinema (Israel), M Pictures (Thailand), and MCF Megacom (Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania).
Action adventure The Grand Heist, a hit at the Korean box office, and comic horror Ghost Sweepers were both sold to Maxam (Japan) and AV Jet (Taiwan). Finecut also sold Ghost Sweepers to Lotte Cinema for Vietnam.
In addition, Creative Programs in the Philippines acquired a package from Finecut including Blind, Pieta and Unbowed. Jeon Kyu-hwan¡¯s The Weight went to Codeks Media for Turkey.

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