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Patrick Frater | Film Business Asia 2012-09-06
Pieta enjoys strong sales haul

Pieta ǿŸ, the new drama by South Korean auteur KIM Ki-duk | , will arrive at the Toronto International Film Festival this week borne up by a rash of deals that were concluded or announced at the Venice International Film Festival.

The film — about a loan shark who falls in love with one of his victims and then finds that the tables have been turned — was sold to distributors including Maywin Films AB (ex-USSR including Baltic States), AS Fidalgo Film Distribution (Norway), Bir Film (Turkey), Ama Films (Greece), and Edko Films Ltd (Hong Kong).

Handled by South Korean sales company Finecut Co Ltd ȭ, Pieta was earlier sold to MFA Filmdistribution and to Italy's Good Films, which will release it next week (14 Sep 2012).

In Toronto it will play in the Masters section.

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