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Nathan Olivarez-Giles and Tim French | Los Angeles Times 2011-01-13
Movie shot on iPhone 4 by Park Chan-wook to hit South Korean theaters

A movie shot entirely on an Apple iPhone 4 is on its way to theaters in South Korea.

Award-winning filmmaker Park Chan-wook has shot a 30-minute film, called "Night Fishing," using only an iPhone 4. The movie is about a man who goes fishing at night and finds a female shaman, according to Reuters.

"Night Fishing" was shot using up to 10 iPhones filming simultaneously from different angles. About $130,000 was spent making the movie.

In an interview with Reuters, Park said of the process: "There are many limits. ... However instead of complaining, it should be approached in a unique style that is intended for the movie. Then it can have better results than any other movies."

Park also said he hoped the movie would be a catalyst for young filmmakers to see smart phones as an artistic tool.

"Night Fishing" is set to open in nine South Korean theaters in late January.

Park is best known for his "Vengeance Trilogy" of films, which include "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," "Oldboy" and "Lady Vengeance."

"Oldboy" is a cult classic, and director Steven Spielberg and actor Will Smith were said to be mulling over a possible remake of the film. Park also is working on an English-language film.

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