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Park Soo-mee | the Hollywood Reporter 2011-02-09
Finecut Sells Distribution for Several Films Ahead of Berlin Fest

SEOUL -- Seoul based sales company Finecut announced a series of deals and upcoming international premiere titles at the Berlin Film Festival and EFM.

The Journals of Musan, a much-talked about Korean film by director Park Jungbum about the life of a North Korean defector in a South Korean society, was sold to Japan's Star Sands and Morocco TV's S.N.R.T. A debut film by Park, previously an assistant director of Lee Chang-dong, the film was the New Currents winner of last year's Pusan Int'l Film Festival. The film, which will hold a market premiere during the festival, also won Grand Prix at Marrakech Film Festival and the Tiger Award and the Fipresci Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam.

The company's earlier titles from Cannes also added more distributors. Lee Chang-dong's Poetry was recently sold to UK's Arrow Films, Norway's Arthaus and Singapore's Luna Films after a series of deals in other territories. Lee's film will be released in the U.S. on Feb. 11 by Kino-Lorber.

Separately, Argentinean helmer Pablo Trapero's Carancho was sold to Portugal's MPA, Switzerland's XENIX, and Thailand's J-BICS. Daytime Drinking, an indie film that has attracted moderate attention in Korea, was sold to U.K.'s Inclusionism. A Brand New Life by a Korean-French adoptee Ounie Lecomte and produced by Lee Chang-dong was sold to Norway's Fidalgo.

During the festival, the Seoul-based sales company presents a colorful lineup of films including Night Fishing by Park Chan-wook and his brother Park Chan-kyong shot entirely on the iPhone.

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