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KU Kyung-nam, who is stuck with the label of an 'Art-house film director' attends the festival in a small town as a jury. In the town, he bumps into an old friend BU. Over drinks, KU is dragged to BU's house and meets his wife. The next day after a long night of heavy drinking, KU returns his hotel and finds a message from BU which says 'never to come near us again'. But he can't remember what happened last night.

Soon after that, KU goes to Jeju Island to give a lecture. There he meets a famous admired painter who was KU's college senior and finds out that his new wife is KU's love back in his twenties. When she gives him a note secretly, he is quite confused. The next day on his way to go to the airport, KU changes his mind and heads to the painter's house to meet her.
One summer, KU Kyung-nam gets to experience two situations in Jecheon and Jeju which are similar, yet different when looked into closely.
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