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A money transport vehicle with $2 million in cash gets robbed in the heart of Seoul out in broad daylight. Special Investigations Captain BAEK arrives on the crime scene first, takes all the evidence, then disappears. Meanwhile, the real Captain BAEK at the police station finds out and gets infuriated.

A tip arrives, warning the culprit's next plot. 600kg of gold worth over $10 million is being smuggled in through Jeju Airport. To restore his bruised ego, Captain BAEK sends his inspectors down on a stakeout, but the gold vanishes right in front of their noses!

Even the genius culprits are no matches for the invincible Captain BAEK's sharp eyes. He uncovers the suspects and succeeds in bringing one in. Like a beast prowling for prey, Captain BAEK gets closer to the mastermind behind everything who has been dropping tips and clues. Then, in comes a call from the fearless culprit AHN Hyun-min with an unexpected offer?
Will this turn out to be a chance of a lifetime or a trap?
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