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¡°I¡¯m not the person who you think I am. This job is only short-term.¡±
The most popular host, Seung-woo, meets Ji-won, a top-class call girl who never sleeps with her customers. He falls deeper and deeper in love with her after they first meet. He thinks Ji-won is different from other working girls and they end up finding a place to live together. As Seung-woo doesn¡¯t want Ji-won to work at night anymore, he pays off the debt she owes her establishment so that she can quit. Ji-won starts her new life by working at a clothing store. Then one day her ex-client makes a business proposition to her.

¡°Let¡¯s fight against this cruel world! Here¡¯s to love and passion.¡±
Jae-hyun is a host veteran who brought Seung-woo to this nightlife to help him out with his financial problems while he shacks up with Seung-woo¡¯s sister, Han-byul. Jae-hyun, a guy who will go far as to sacrifice love and friendship to live in style, will buy expensive clothes even if he can¡¯t pay back his big debt. As the pressure gets heavier to pay back his debt, Jae-hyun thinks of a really quick plan.

The love of these two escorts which unfold on the back of the glamorous Seoul nights faces an unexpected event that drives them to a dreadful end.
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