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BURNING (2018)
Jong-soo, a temporary parcel man who is in his mid-twenties, receives a raffle ticket from Hye-mi, a promotion girl who is in her twenties as well, while working in front of a store where he is delivering goods. Jong-soo surprisingly wins a girly lime green sports watch and Hye-mi talks to him like an old acquaintance. It turns out that they grew up together in the outskirts of Paju. They attended the same Elementary and Middle School. They work together at the store for 2 more days and get closer. And when Jong-soo has to return to his home at Paju for family reasons, they go for a drink. Hye-mi asks Jong-soo to take care of his cat Bo-il while her trip to Africa and when Jong-soo visits Hye-mi's house they make love together.

Hye-mi returns from Africa with Ben, who is in his mid-thirties. They appear at the airport together. Jong-soo feels uncomfortable with Ben even if he is very generous to Jong-soo with humanity and seems to have everything. One day, Ben and Hye-mi visit Jong-soo in Paju unexpectedly. They eat and drink together. Ben suggests Jong-soo to smoke marijuana, and the three of them hallucinate. Hye-mi suddenly falls asleep while pantomiming dance to the music and Jong-soo and Ben lift her up and lay her down on the sofa.
They continue doing marijuana and Jong-soo confesses his hatred toward his father, and Ben suddenly tells Jong-soo about his hobby of burning down greenhouses. He tells Jong-soo that the next greenhouse is very close from Jong-soo's house and that he had already decided to do so. Jong-soo gets angry by Ben's attitude of being ignorant but when Hye-mi wakes up and comes out, the situation is settled and Ben and Hye-mi leave Jong-soo's house.

The next day when Jong-soo wakes up, he looks for greenhouses in his town which Ben might burn or which seems to be waiting for someone to burn them. While looking, he gets a call from Hye-mi. She tells Jong-soo that there is something strange and that she needs to meet him as soon as possible, but suddenly she hangs up telling him to talk another time. Jong-soo calls after the incident but Hye-mi doesn't pick up. Feeling anxious, Jong-soo checks the condition of the greenhouses everyday in the course he has set up before, and tries to find Hye-mi by searching places and people related to her at the same time. And when he meets Ben, he finds the watch that he gave to Hye-mi under the seat of Ben's sports car. Jong-soo stubbornly follows Ben afterwards.
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