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H (2002)
The final murder was a year ago. The victims were all women, their bodily parts brutally cut up. The serial killer appalled everyone by turning himself in to the city police carrying in his arms the corpse of his last victim. A year later, the killing resumes. The corpse of a teenage girl is found at a garbage dump. She was pregnant. The fetus, torn out of her womb, was left discarded close by. A pregnant woman, close to giving birth, is found dead at a bus terminal. Her abdomen has been cut open in the shape of a cross. Officers Mi-yeon and Kang of the violent crimes investigation team are assigned to the case. The two detectives visit Shin Hyun for a lead on the killings.Hyun is calm, as if he knew they would come. He just says that "Death is the only way to save the world." Mi-yeon and Kang are convinced that Hyun has the key, but cannot place their finger on it. While Hyun remains in prison, the slaughter continues.
Is Hyun behind it all? Or is it the work of a mad copycat?
The detectives try in vain to stop the ruthless killing, and the mystery becomes even more difficult to solve.
Only if they knew that 'H', the initial of this frightfully brilliant serial killer, is the key that unlocks the mystery.
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