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Hyo-joo, an untenured instructor at a boys¡¯ high school is assigned to a class of seniors as a HR teacher. She notices that a
specialized dance student Jae-ha is absent from the self-study session, and finds him practicing refined dance movements in
the gym. The next day Hae-young, the school board chairman¡¯s daughter arrives as a tenured instructor, which was the position
assumed to be offered to Hyo-joo soon. Hae-young, sweet and having grown up with no worries, treats Hyo-joo with affection,
but Hyo-joo only gives her the cold shoulder. Then one day, Hyo-joo witnesses Hae-young and Jae-ha in the gym, locked in a
passionate embrace, and from that moment on, she starts feeling an inexplicable sense of humiliation towards Hae-young while
gradually falling under the influence of Jae-ha¡¯s elusive charm.
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