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FATAL (2012)
18-year-old Sung-gong has always been a target for school bullies. One day, the bullies drag him to the home of a fellow high school girl named Jang-mi where they take turns raping her without any piece of guilt. Sung-gong wishes to escape the scene but is forced to go into her room and commit the act himself.
Ten years later, Sung-gong and three of his so-called friends live their ordinary lives in the society just like others. Until one day, Sung-gong is somehow led into a church where he meets Jang-mi again. Thereafter, he pursues his life seeking forgiveness. Without knowing that Sung-gong may be one of the boys that assaulted her, the two of them become close and everything becomes beautiful around them. He assumes that he is forgiven and that Jang-mi has recovered from her trauma.
But then, Jang-mi reveals her true pain that is still not healed, which puts Sung-gong into a shock. He pays his three friends a visit falling into an irreversible state.
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