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Joo-wol is a novelist who has not written anything for a couple of years due to a writer's block. He's been living a gloomy life of being repeatedly dumped by women whom he thought as his soul mates and potential inspiration for new work. One day, his publisher asks him to come along to a book fair in Germany for a change. There he meets Heejin, a film distributor who is in Berlin for the Film Market. He falls in love again. After returning to Seoul, he manages to convince her out on a date.

He finds out as much as he can about Heejin: she had lived in Alaska when she was young, she loves taking photographs, and that she does not shave. On their first night together, he is shocked to see thick hair growing under her armpits. But the shock strangely inspires him to write again; a mystery suspense detective series about a woman with hair under her armpits as the main character. It becomes an immediate sensation and he is happy as he can be. Then, he discovers many more things about his girlfriend, including her complicated relationships and pasts with numerous men.
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