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OKI'S MOVIE (2010)
OKI'S MOVIE is comprised of four short films: A DAY FOR INCANTATION, KING OF KISSES, AFTER THE SNOWSTORM and OKI'S MOVIE. Three main characters appear in all of the four shorts, having different but overlapping roles in each of them.

Jingu, a filmmaker in his thirties, teaches at the college to make ends met. He chants to himself for mind control as he leaves his house in the morning and his day unfolds as follows. He gets scolded from his wife for drinking and smoking. At school, he gets pissed off by a dim-witted female student. He exchanges vain conversations on the future of art house films with the Professor Song, who's the chief professor of the faculty. He has a haircut at the barbershop on the campus on a whim. And he hears rumors about Professor SONG's corruption. At the faculty dinner party, he gets drunk and mentions the rumors only to get scolded by Professor SONG. Late at night, he attends a Q&A session after the screening of his short film and gets embarrassed at a difficult question thrown by a female audience.

Jingu, a film student in his twenties, receives compliments from Professor SONG on the movie he made. He follows Oki, a girl he has been falling for, to the Acha Mountain and confesses his feelings for her. But she doesn't seem so thrilled. The next day, he hears a rumor that he will be receiving an award at college film festival. Oki and Professor SONG, parting secretly in the backstreet seem to be secret lovers, but Jingu is not aware. He brings Oki to the botanic garden on the campus and kisses her, confessing again. That night, he doesn't get the award so he visits Oki's place with a puzzled mind. But not knowing her room number, he spends the whole night waiting outside her house. Finally at dawn, he gets into her place and has sex with her. Are they lovers now?

SONG, a filmmaker in his fifties, teaches at the college to make ends met. He arrives at the classroom for his extra classes during winter break only to find nobody there. He consoles himself that it's because of the heavy snow, but as time goes by, he falls into humiliation feeling that students are ignoring him. He runs into the head of faculty in the hallway and announces that he will quit after this semester. While looking out the window absent-minded, he sees the student named Oki arriving for class, and soon after a student called Jingu arrives as well. SONG asks them if they have questions of any kind for him. They ask a couple of questions and SONG gives them frank enough answers. Feeling dreary and lonely, Song gets himself some octopus to eat but only to have an upset stomach and throws it up in an ally. Song thinks to himself that he did good to quit the college.

Oki, a film student, made a film about two men she has dated; one young and the other much older. In her film, she makes a cinematographic construction of her experiences of coming to Acha Mountain with each man with a year apart. She juxtaposes her experiences with each man by paring them according to places on the mountain: the parking lot, the entrance, a small pavilion, the public toilet, the wooden bridge, and halfway up the mountain. We see the differences and similarities of the two experiences in details. And by this composition, we may feel that we are seeing an overall picture of Oki"S relationships with the two men.
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