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In Argentina, more than eight thousand people die every year in road accidents at a daily average of twenty-two. More than thirty thousand are injured. Behind every accident there is an industry. The millions of pesos that every victim represents in medical and legal expenses produces an enormous market, supported by the compensations of insurance companies and the weakness of the law.

SOSA, divorced, without a family, is a specialist in road accidents who works as a producer, or a point man, called in the jargon Carancho (Vulture). He moves through emergency rooms of public hospitals and funeral houses in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in search of victims, potential customers to whom the possibility of a large compensation can be sold. A father is worth more than a single man; an elderly man more than a child; a paraplegic more than a dead person. After many years in the business, Sosa knows how to approach the victims and win their confidence; he can tell a good case from a bad one, he can even make one up. Once he was a lawyer, with his own firm, but a number of lawsuits for scam, left him empty handed. Prosecuted and unable to practice, it was the breaking point of a time of excesses, a dark stage in his life. Now he gets clients for an alleged foundation to help the victims of traffic accidents. In reality, a screen for a murky law firm, run by CASAL, an unscrupulous lawyer, in complicity with el PERRO, a retired officer, who handles the local police. Sosa gets the clients, the witnesses, the evidence, but in return, he only gets a small share for the cases, since Casal has the license and signature to carry out the suits. Sosa can't stand the job, but has to put up with it, at least until his license is returned and he can come back to practice.

On one of his tours searching for customers, Sosa meets LUJAN, a young doctor from the province, who recently got her degree and has to make a living out of many jobs: ambulances, ER, geriatrics, without a permanent position Luj? finds it hard to make ends meet. She's alone, away from her family and friends, with a work rhythm that barely allows her to sleep, which forces her to live by night and relate to traffic accidents and their victims. Due to a sharp pain in her back she carries since she was a child, some time ago Lujan started to inject herself with anaesthetics. At the beginning they eased the pain, and in small amounts kept her lucid and awake; now it's becoming a problem, an addiction and sometimes she can't help losing control. To put up with ambulance nights and long shifts at ER, she can't help hiding in any bathroom to inject herself between her toes. One of those nights, she meets Sosa in an accident. Lujan gives medical attention to the victim while Sosa looks for a client. The doctor and the point man start a relationship. Like any doctor, Lujan distrusts this kind of lawyer, but there's something about Sosa that attracts her, he doesn't behave like the other Caranchos. He seems more honest, a little worn out and knows how to mingle in those parts of town she finds so hostile.

When Sosa recovers his licence and moves away from the dark intrigues of the foundation, it is Luj? who brings him a client. A big case, a multiple accident, deceased and seriously injured. Big money. With Lujan help, Sosa gets the case. He knows he's working in the foundation's territory, but he also knows that the internal disputes between Casal and el Perro give him some space of action, and he decides to take the risk. He thinks he does it for the money but he's actually doing it for Lujan. The doctor and the lawyer fall in love. What begins as a simple flirt will evolve into a bond that will give them both a fresh start. However, the case unfolds, and so does the rivalry with Casal who blackmails Sosa with past fake cases. On the other hand, el Perro, the old and dangerous retired officer, wants Sosa to take Casal's place in the foundation. Sosa, who wanted to get away from the foundation, finds himself with the possibility of running it, due to the fight of two opponent bands that dispute the reins of the local traffic accidents. When the situation gets rougher, Luj? decides to leave everything behind, leave with Sosa, together, she convinces him. But before they do, Sosa must collect the case so that they can run away with the money.

This story is a black thriller. It is, in its own way, a love story between Sosa and Lujan, immersed in a market where bodies are the currency.
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