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HAHAHA (2010)
Filmmaker CHO Moon-kyung plans to leave Seoul to live in Canada. So days before his departure, he meets his close friend BANG Joong-sik who is a film critic, at a nearby mountain to drink 'makgeolli' a Korean traditional alcoholic beverage made from rice. After a few rounds, they find out that coincidentally, they have both been to the same small seaside town, Tong-young recently. They decide to reveal their accounts of the trip over drinks, under the condition that they only stick to pleasant memories.

Moon-kyung's story: he was in Tong-young to visit his mother before he leaves the country. During his stay, he met a cultural tour guide Sung-ok by chance. He was attracted to her, but she already had a boyfriend who is a poet and an ex-marine. But Moon-kyung managed to catch him cheating on her and finally won her heart.

Joong-sik's story: he was in Tong-young on a tryst with his secret lover who is a flight attendant. During his trip, he has a great time with his young poet friend who is now based in Tong-young and the young poet's girlfriend. They are in fact the same couple that Moon-kyung had encountered. He also got to meet many interesting people through the young poet.

Not realizing that they were in the same place, at the same time, and with the same people, the two men's reminiscence of a hot summer unfolds like a catalogue of memories.
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