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BE WITH ME (2010)
Seo-hee, Nam-hee and Lan read their tarot cards. Tarot cards tell them once-in-a-life-time opportunities will be coming to each of them simply by holding tarot cards and chanting magic spells, which are nothing but their own names. Once their names are said, very special events begin to unfold.

Chul-min seems like a normal high school student but he can see the ghost. But because he¡¯s afraid of the ghosts, he pretends not to see them. Then one day, he sees a cute girl ghost, Seo-hee. She finds his ability amazing and funny, she follows him everywhere and tells him her stories; why she¡¯s wandering around and how she died.

An ambitious high school girl, So-young, is loved by friends and teacher. One day, she finds out about her best friend Nam-hee¡¯s pregnancy. She tells Nam-hee to keep the baby and that they should raise the baby together. But as So-young has a sense of rivalry with Nam-hee who¡¯s the top of the school, she makes a deal with Nam-hee¡¯s ex-boyfriend to be recommended for Univ. entrance by the principal instead, while Nam-hee collapses and finds So-young desperately.

Lan, a energetic and outgoing girl, with Arim, Eun-ji, three are the best friends in the theater club of the school. One day, they¡¯re ordered to go to the abandoned school building to find the Excalibur which belongs to their seniors. When they go in, unexpected events occur; their meaningless, everyday behaviors start to keep bringing misfortunes.
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