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Min-ho is hospitalized after continuous suicide attempts caused from post-traumatic stress. He attempts to take his life so much that he is bound to his bed most of the time. He has never been the same since he had witnessed the horrible and tragic death of his wife which completely deprived him of his will to go on.

One day, an unconscious man is rushed into the emergency room who immediately receives an intensive brain surgery. Min-ho finds himself sharing the room with the new patient Sang-up who miraculously wakes up but has general paralysis and an amnesia.

Min-ho¡¯s nightmare begins when he recognizes the sturdy looking new roommate as the very man who drove his wife to death. Now, Min-ho must finish off the guy before he recovers physically and mentally. While Min-ho fails to eliminate Sang-up despite his attempts, Sang-up is recovering rapidly with strong vitality. When Sang-up starts to remember bits of their past, he also becomes aware that Min-ho is trying to kill him.

Two men both hospitalized in their beds begin their desperate struggle of life or death.
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