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ANITA (2009)
Anita, a young woman with Down syndrome, lives with her mother Dora in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Despite Anita¡¯s condition, the two are happy and very much attached to each other.

In the morning of July 18, 1994 Anita and Dora open up their small party supplies shop like any other day.
Since Dora needs to make a visit to collect the government support for Anita, she leaves Anita behind at the shop promising that she¡¯ll be back very soon.

As Anita is arranging products on the shelves as she was told, the earth suddenly shakes with stained glass windows bursting and shelves falling off.
Extremely horrified and confused she runs out into the street where everything is in chaos. There has been a bombing, now known as the AMIA Bombing,
which records as Argentina¡¯s worst terrorist attack against Jews since World War II.

In the middle of a thick cloud of dust, moving among disoriented people, Anita has no idea what had happened. She does not understand.
As she is dragged along with people hurt and confused like her, Anita gets lost in the big city and her life changes forever.

Meantime, her brother begins his desperate search for Anita hoping she is alive.
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