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LEE Jong-yong
LEE was the assistant director of director PARK Chan-wook¡¯s JSA: JOINT SECURITY AREA and one of the scriptwriters of SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE. He has the power to lead the story and describe the characters delicately. A BLOOD PLEDGE is his feature debut.
Feature Debut
Director's Statement
¡°What if a friend committed suicide? What if the friends who knew the reason behind the suicide had to live on hiding the truth? I wanted to show how much the surviving girls are affected by the dead girl in their everyday lives. The dead girl and the living girls are all doomed to pitiable misery.
During puberty, decisions can be made drastically. If one starts to resent someone, the hatred can only get bigger and greater. What caused the incident? Whose fault started everything? Who is the worst person¡¦Though teenagers may think their thoughts are just and clear, good and evil coexist. I wanted to show high school girls who do not know how dangerous their actions are and how they should not overly despise others.¡±
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