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KIM Sang-Chan
Director KIM Sang-Chan graduated from the Division of Theatre and Cinema at Dongguk University in 1997. His senior project, , was chosen by the Korean Kodak Eastman Scholarship Foundation and became the starting point of his cinematic career. From directing to writing and shooting, KIM Sang-Chan widened his range into the various fields involved in cinema. Through participating in the production of the heartbreaking, but touching films, , , , <>, and , he began unfolding the stories that he wished to tell the world. In 2007, Director KIM unfolded a new story about realizing the “heart?of music through an array of analog beats and brilliant characters. Through , he delivered heartfelt laughter instead of tears.
1997 Writer, Director at the Korean Kodak Eastman Scholarship Foundation
1998 Head of Production / Chief of Production
, , <…ing>, Production Supervisor
2007 Co-director
Director's Statement
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