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ARIRANG (2011)
KIM Ki-duk
Born in 1960. After studying art in Paris, KIM Ki-duk returned to Korea and began his career as a screenwriter. He made his directorial debut with a low-budget movie, CROCODILE, in 1996. Since then, KIM Ki-duk has been hailed by both critics and audiences for his hard-to-express characters, shocking visuals, and unprecedented messages. He continued on making internationally acclaimed films such as SAMARITAN GIRL which won the Silver Bear Award (Best Director Award) at the 54th Berlin Int¡¯l Film Festival along with 3-IRON which won the Leone d¡¯Argento Award (Special Award for Best Direction) at the 61st Venice Film Festival.
Selected Filmography
-2007 Cannes Film Festival-Competition
2004 3-IRON
-2004 Venice Int¡¯l Film Festival [4 Awards including Leone d¡¯Argento Prize (Special Award for Best Direction)]
-2004 FIPRESCI (Best Film of the Year)
-2003 Locarno Int¡¯l Film Festival (Junior Jury Prize, Don Quixote Prize, CICAE / ARTE PRIZE, NETPAC Prize)
Director's Statement
Arirang is
about Kim Ki-duk
playing 3 roles in 1.
Through Arirang I climb over one hill in life.
Through Arirang I understand human beings, thank the nature, and accept my life as it is now.

We are now¡¦
in the terrestrial world lurking with desires,
in the ghostly world lurking with sorrow
in the imaginary world lurking with dreams,
with no beginning nor end,
slowly going crazy.

What is affection that it still remains all around me decaying?
It¡¯s still stuck to the crown of my head, testing my emotions.
It¡¯s still hiding deep within my heart, testing my sense of compassion.
If I didn¡¯t give my heart, they would be bad people erased from memories but if I gave my heart, I couldn¡¯t let them go till the day that I die as despicable people.
Let¡¯s mercilessly kill each other in our hearts till we die.

Even today
I hold back as I get angry
I laugh as I get jealous
I love as I despise
And forgive as I quiver with the urge to kill.
I will kill
Myself, who remembers you.

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