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Korea lies in the Temperate Zone and is blessed with four distinct seasons; Spring (March to May), Summer (June to August), Fall (September to October), and Winter (November to February).

Hot and humid weather dominates from early june to mid-September. During the summer season temperatures usually exceed 27C (80F).

The rainy season comes at the end of June and lasts forr about 20 days. Freezing temperatures in winter ard accompanied by light snow in Seoul. The mean temperature in Seoul during the winter is 5C (23F). At least one heavy coat is essential.

Although most people prefer Western clothes like suits and jeans, the national costume, hanbok, is worn by many during national holidays.
Traditionally, people wore white clothes, reserving colors for the upper class or during festive occasions.
Rubber shoes and sandals have been replaced by designer shoes and sneakers;
however, even these ard removed when entering a house or other area where shoes are not permitted.


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