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Arable land : 21%
Permanent crops : 1%
Meadows and pastures : 1%
Forest and Woodland : 67%, Other : 10%
Irrigated land : 13,530 sq km (1989) (5,223.9 sq. miles)


Over 70% of the land is mountainous with the eastern regions consisting of mainly rugged mountain ranges and deep valleys. Many people enjoy hiking in the foothills and mountains. Most of the larger rivers and forests are located in the west. The coastline is dotted with bays and it has some of the highest tides in the world.
The eastern coastline has many sandy beaches, while the western side consists mainly of mud flats and rocky shores.

37 00 N, 127 30 E
Eastern Asia, Southern half of the korean Peninsula
bordering the East Sea and the Yellow Sea.
Total area / 98,480 sq km (38,023 sq. miles)
Land area / 98,190 sq km (37,911 sq. miles)
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