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orea claims a 5,000+ year history, dating from the country's foundationby Tangun.
Its history is full of goreign invaders and various factions vying for power.
Korean history is broken down into the following periods

Three Kingdoms (57 B.C. ~ A.D. 668)
Silla (668 ~ 935)
Goryeo (918 ~ 1392)
Joseon (1392 ~ 1910)
Japanese Occupation (1910 ~ 1945)
Republic of Korea (1945 ~ present)


Korea borders both China and Russia to the north, while japan is just across the East Sea. Since as a tragic result of the Cold War in 1945, the Korean peninsula has been divided at latitude 38 North intoSouth Korea (normally represented as "korea"), and North Korea.

Preserving their heritage of five millennia, their own language and spirit as well as their ethnic homogeneity. And ever since the Korean War in 1953, Korea has achieved astounding economic growth, often referred to as the "Miracle on the Han-gang River".

Korea has now approximately 44 million people with a 85% urbanization rate.
The capital city with an exciting modern architecture and a cosmopolitan community, Seoul is the political, cultural, commercial, financial. educational and recreational center of Korea. You can find just about anything and everything in Seoul, even foreign items.

As a member of OECD, Korea is on the way to a radical and fundamental restructuring of its industrial and financial framed in a way that she can compete auccessfully in the free world markets. Ranked the 11th largest nation in the world in terms of the amount of world trade, Korea exports $120 billion and imports &140 billion with a $10,000 per capita GNP in 1997. Working its way steadily towards a better nation, Korea is now laying a firm foundation for long-term growth and stability to be the most attractive destination for business.


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