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Main Activities

- International Sales
- Production
- Distribution
- Project Financing
- Acquisitions
- Agency for Actor / Writer / Director


CEO of FINECUT and founder of CINECLICK ASIA, Youngjoo SUH has produced, financed, and internationally distributed numerous Korean films. After first stepping into the film industry in the 1990s through a Korean film financing sector,
SUH’s filmography now consists of over 140 internationally-distributed titles.
SUH’s producing credits include films such as KIM Ki-duk’s 3-IRON, BREATH and Pablo Trapero’s LION’S DEN, and CARANCHO. She is currently producing YEON Sangho’s zombie animated feature SEOUL STATION for 2015.

“We are always looking for interesting ideas especially ones with international flavors that would appeal to different audiences. Finecut welcomes filmmakers looking for production, financing, distribution and international sales partners for their films, as well as co-production partners for main stream or art-house projects.”

- Youngjoo SUH


2004 Appointed as Culture Content Ambassador by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)
2005 Korea Cultural Content Export Award by Korean Ministry of Culture and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)
2008 Selected as ‘2008 People of the Year’ by Film 2.0, Korean film trade weekly magazine
2008 Korea Cultural Content Export Award by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)




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