full title
  • Director LIM Daehyung
    Year 2019
    Status Completed
    Genre drama, romance
    Starring KIM Hee-ae, NAKAMURA Yuko, KIM So-hye, SEONG Yu-bin
    Running Time 106 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2019 Busan International Film Festival - Closing
    Synopsis Saebom is a high school student, living with her mother Yunhee, who is in her 40s. After her recent divorce, Yunhee seems to be depressed, but she never shares her feelings with Saebom.
    One day, Saebom finds a mysterious love letter sent to Yunhee. The letter is from Hokkaido, Japan. This one letter makes Saebom wonder about the past of Yunhee she has not known.
    Saebom comes up with a secret plan to find the sender thinking it’d be an opportunity for her to get to know Yunhee better and for Yunhee to overcome her post-divorce depression.
    After Saebom’s repeated asking, Yunhee finally agrees to go on a trip to Hokkaido with Saebom without knowing what plan Saebom has is mind.