full title
  • Director YOON Ga-eun
    Year 2019
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring KIM Na-yeon, KIM Sia, JOO Ye-lim
    Running Time 92 min.
    Country of Production South Korea
    Festival & Awards 2019 BFI London Film Festival - Journey
    2019 London East Asia Film Festival - K-CINEMA 100
    2019 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival - New Talent Award
    2019 San Diego Asian Film Festival - Discoveries
    2019 Hainan Island International Film Festival - Asia Section
    Synopsis During her fifth-grade summer break, Hana wishes to go on a family trip with her mom, dad, and her junior high brother, Chan. Although the family argues every day, Hana believes everything will be like how it used to be if she could take her family on a vacation, just like the happy family trip picture taken when she was younger.
    One day, Hana encounters Yoo-mi and her younger sister Yoo-jin -- each nine and seven years old-- whose parents are always out of town, struggling to make ends meet. The sisters spend their summer break with their busy uncle, in a small loft, while their parents are working at a big construction site.
    Between her workaholic mom, black-sheep dad, and rebellious brother, Hana struggles to rebuild her family relationship, only to find the situation getting worse. Yoo-mi and her sister also struggle to secure their home from their landlord who is trying to kick them out.
    Yet, the more Hana struggles to solve her family troubles, the more unfavorable situations turn out for her. Amidst such circumstances, Hana takes care of Yoo-mi and Yoo-jin, allowing them to forget the absence of their parents, and bringing comfort to one other.
    By providing emotional support to each other, Hana, Yoo-mi and Yoo-jin try even harder to save their homes. Unfortunately, however, Hana overhears news about her parents’ divorce, and Yoomi ends up receiving an eviction notice, leading them to inadvertently leave their home in search of Yoo-mi and Yoo-jin’s parents.
    Will Hana and Yoo-mi save their homes through this unexpected journey? Will they finally find Yoo-mi’s parents?